If there is no change in the four seasons, no flow of time, then all the cause and effect will appear so ridiculous. Like a grand baptism without a leading role. It doesn't make sense. Flowers bloom and fall, because the season changes, giving people a sense of beauty. Sunrise rises in the East and sunset sets in the west, which is a law of the earth's turnover. The alternation of four seasons is an instinct of biological growth, which makes people have a kind of space. We always love hate entanglement, we always cut constantly, reason is also disorderly, we always let be bound. We are all independent individuals, but in front of us, we are so small and have no choice. In the face of love, everything seems insignificant. As long as there is love, then everything is not a problem. As long as there is love, all problems can be solved. When we face the choice of love and secularity, we always say that the secularity has defeated love, which is not enough. If love is deep enough, there is no distance from space to block the existence of love. They say that love is about being together. It's too shallow a statement. Love is not to be together. Not together, but left a place in the heart, far away, is not love? Two people are far away from each other, but it is an unreachable distance. It's better to miss than to meet. Forgetting in the Jianghu is not a form of love.